Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity a Real Syndrome?


Electromagnetic Hypersensitvity (EHS) is the phenomenon of getting sick when exposed to manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The subject associates symptoms with exposure to electrically powered devices, wireless internet, routers, portable phones, cellular phones, cell phone towers, and Bluetooth devices. Those who self-identify as electromagnetically sensitive complain of flu-like symptoms, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, depression, and low energy.

Metallic Patches, Chips, Minerals Do Not Shield EMFs (Article Summary)

EMF Stickers are Fake

Shielding methods and products against man-made Electromagnetic Fields: Protection versus risk. Some products do protect users from unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Many products, however, are claimed to protect, but do nothing. These products are not based on science. The manufacturers are taking advantage of a real problem to sell a fake solution. The authors suggest that avoidance is more effective than even good and proper shielding. Chips, metallic patches and minerals are not protective. Shielding that is protective should be combined with pulse generators emitting Schumann resonance.