Four lights that reverse photodamage

Read This Before Using Red Light Therapy for Photodamage

Yes, you can reverse photoaging. Red, infrared, yellow, and violet light therapy can reduce wrinkles, increase collagen, and smooth out pigmentation issues. Studies show that treatment with these lights reverse photodamage from the sun. While dermatologists offer topical treatments, his article is all about how to reverse photodamage using light therapy. Learn More
Healthy skin

Four Infrared Light Doses for Better Skin (study summary)

Strong dose near infrared (NIR) damages skin. NIR spread over time reduces wrinkles, produces collagen, and has no side effects. Learn More
Sensitive skin

Red Light Strengthens Skin Barrier (study summary)

One hour of 600 nm red light at 40 mW/cm^2 increased skin's ability to maintain water and fat, known as its barrier. Red light protects the dermal layers under the skin's barrier. Learn More