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About Caroline Bogart

Hello. My name is Caroline Bogart. I am a programmer, writer, and web developer. I build free websites for animal rescues. I was once featured in the Boston Globe. I am obssessed with all things EMF.

Toby B., many years ago
Caroline Bogart., many years ago

When I have a problem, I dive so far into the research that you might not see me for a couple of months.

I will find every feature available on a home generator, then collate, stack and spindle the available generators until the exact right one pops to the top.

I do this with vacuum cleaners, computers, and dog food.

I also do this with pain relief research and devices.

Not only do I want less pain in my life, I don’t want any new ones.

If there’s something that will help my sciatica, bunions, or spondylolithesis, I’m going to research the hell out of it.

If there’s something that’s harming me or those I love, I’m going to find out how to mitigate that harm.

That’s how EMF Channel was born.

This is the Electromagnetic Fields Channel.

Red light is an EMF that can heal joints, bones and skin. If you use the wrong wavelengths or energy, it will either harm you or have no effect.

Mobile phones emit EMFs directly into your head. The argument that “it’s non-ionizing radiation, so it can’t hurt you” is a logical fallacy. When your head absorbs cell phone EMFs, it responds by producing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The friendly name for ROS is “oxidants.” Oxidants rip cells apart. Ionizing radiation is not required for this feat.

The EMF spectrum is full of both healing and harmful frequencies.

I’m gathering the data on both, and sharing it with you on EMF Channel.

Toby at the beach in 1969
Caroline at the beach in 1969