900 MHz Holster Phones Weaken Hips (study summary)


Effect of 900MHz electromagnetic fields emitted from cellular phones on fracture healing: an experimental study on rats.

Aslan A1, Atay T, Gülle K, Kırdemir V, Ozden A, Çömlekçi S, Aydoğan NH.

Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica
July 1, 2013


Bone fracture healing is prone to failure partly because of its complexity.

Wearing a hip cell phone holder is common.

Holding a cell phone close to a hip bone might make that hip less likely to heal in the event of a fracture.


  • 900 MHz frequencies affect bone fracture healing
  • this is the frequency emitted from many cell phones


  • researchers used fingers to break rat hips
  • they fixed hips with wires
  • they exposed Group 1 to
    • 900 MHz
    • 30 minutes per day
    • 5 days per week
    • 8 weeks

Examination included:

  • radiological (X-ray examination)
  • manual mechanical (biomechanical orthopedic healing examination)
  • histological (tissue structures studied under the microscope)



Researchers used their fingures to fracture rate hips. (Author’s note: I don’t know how they sleep at night.)

Hip fractures exposed to 900 MHz frequencies healed poorly.

Unexposed hips healed normally.

On a scale of one to 9, with high scores being better, these were the  results:

  • histopathological (bone tissue)
    • non-radiated: 8.8
    • radiated: 8.1
  • radiological (X-ray) results:
    • non-radiated: 7.9
    • radiated: 6.6
  • biomechanical  (orthopedic):
    • non-radiated: 1.75
    • radiated:1.2


  • 900 MHz exposure deters hip fracture ability to heal
  • non-ionizing radiation close to the body reduces body’s ability to heal bone fractures


EMFs are well-accepted in treating bone fractures.

The fact that EMFs at 900 MHz prevent bone healing show just how important the photobiomodulation (PBM) optimum treatment window is to a healthy outcome.

Too little, too much, and the wrong frequencies are unhealthy.

  • mobile phone hip holsters expose wearers to cell phone non-ionizing radiation
  • if rat-to-human extrapolation holds up,
    • the holster wearers are damaging their hip bones
    • the damage from 900 MHz cell phone exposure will make hip fractures less likely to fully heal

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