Vielight Treatment Measurable Brain Improvements in N=1 Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

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One 23-year old traumatic brain injury patient complained of headaches, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. He home-treated with a Vielight Neuro Duo. At an 8 week measurement he had increased brain volume, improved functional connectivity, increased cerebral perfusion, and neuropsychological improvements.

Chronic TBI Infrared Laser Transcranial Treatment

Red light therapy brain dose

10 chronic TBI patients received 810 nm and 980 nm infrared laser treatment of 14.8 to 28.3 J/cm^2 2 to 3 times per week for 8 weeks. Treatments were pulsed at 10 Hz. Transcranial treatment spots included 2 sites on the forehead and 3 bilateral, prefrontal and temporal. At measurement they showed improved headaches, sleep disturbances, cognition, mood regulation,  anxiety and irritability.

Physician’s Office Psoralen UVA and UVB for Psoriasis

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Researchers treated 25 psoriasis patients with psoralen and ultraviolet-A (PUVA), and another 25 patients with psoralent and ultraviolet-B (PUVB). Psoriasis affected 25-70% of the patient’s skin. After 8 weeks of treatment, 92% of the PUVA group, and 80% of the PUVB group had remission. Limbs and trunk were more resistant than the rest of the body. 28% of PUVA and 24% of PUVB suffered erythema (redness); 32% and 28% pruitis (itchiness); 28% and 24% nausea and vomiting; 16% and 12% fever & malaise; 12% and 16% headache; 1% and 0% blister; 1% and 0% claustrophobia. Researchers concluded that PUVA and PUVB had substantially similar positive outcomes.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lesion Red Light Dose

Red light therapy brain dose

Transcranial Photobiomodulation Therapy in the Cognitive Rehabilitation of Patients with Cranioencephalic Trauma 3x/week/6 weeks (18) 30 min session “Alteration in the cerebral blood flow as well as consequent increase of the cerebral oxygenation that helped to improve the cerebral function.” Traumatic Brain Injury Lesion Red Light Dose PBM stimulates the release of endorphins, inhibits … Read more