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Does Light Therapy Really Work for Acne?

Red, infrared and blue light therapy reduce acne symptoms. Red and infrared reduce inflammation, redness and bumps. Blue light kills ...
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UVB, blue, red and infrared light help with psoriasis

Does At Home Light Therapy Work for Psoriasis?

Several studies show that light therapy helps reduce psoriasis symptoms. In order of effectiveness, these lights reduce psoriasis symptoms: Ultraviolet ...
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Copy a light therapy study time and frequency

Done For You: How to Copy a Light Therapy Study (Part III)

Find a study you want to copy with your device. Look for your device in our tables. Use the info ...
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Copy successful studies with your light

How to Copy Successful Light Studies with Your Device (Part II)

You can copy any scientific protocol so long as you have a therapy device that emits a similar wavelength. You ...
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Learn to copy the successful acne reduction study using your red light therapy device

Copy the “Acne Vulgaris in Women Red Light Dose” Study with Your Lamp

Subjects who received 635 nm and 670 nm light on one side of the face saw significant improvement in their ...
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Four Extremely Successful Acne LED Light Therapy Treatments

Four Extremely Successful Acne LED Light Therapy Treatments

In one study, researchers used alternating blue and red light to reduce acne up to 78%. In another, they alternated ...
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Use red light therapy for osteoarthritis knee regeneration and pain

What Can You Do for Severe Osteoarthritis of the Knee?

Red light therapy significantly reduces knee osteoarthritis pain. Red light therapy grows connective tissue that osteoarthritis wears away. Multiple studies ...
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Covid patient using nasal red light therapy

Does Red Light Therapy Work for Allergies?

I seem to have a constant itch in my nose. Maybe it's poor diet, maybe it is aging, but my ...
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Four lights that reverse photodamage

Read This Before Using Red Light Therapy for Photodamage

Yes, you can reverse photoaging. Red, infrared, yellow, and violet light therapy can reduce wrinkles, increase collagen, and smooth out pigmentation ...
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How much red light energy does it take to flush fat?

How Much Red Light Energy Does it Take to Flush Fat?

Red light therapy does flush fat from fat cells with enough energy. A 3.6 J/cm^2 dose of 635 nm red ...
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Green light therapy increases leptin satiety hormone

How to Control Your Appetite with Red Light

Did you know that you are not supposed to be hungry all the time? Alternatively, that eating is supposed to ...
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Copy a dose

How to Copy Any Red Light Therapy Dose with Your Device (Part I)

You can copy a light treatment even if you have a different device. Your device must have a similar wavelength ...
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Knee injection

Four Arthritis Knee Pain Alternatives to Cortizone Shots

Here are four devices that use electromagnetic fields (EMF) to easy arthritis problems. COOLIEF* is implanted at the doctor's office ...
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The Theradome hair growth device

Use Red Light Therapy to Grow Back Your Hair

Red light therapy is a science-backed hair growth treatment. Hundreds of studies support its use. Thousands more support the use ...
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Healthy skin

Four Infrared Light Doses for Better Skin

Strong dose near infrared (NIR) damages skin. NIR spread over time reduces wrinkles, produces collagen, and has no side effects ...
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