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Bad EMFs

Danger Non Ionizing Radiation Hazard

Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Can Figure

Can the EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from your cell phone make you sick?  A multi-trillion dollar telephone industry says "no." A growing body ...
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Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity a Real Syndrome?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitvity (EHS) is the phenomenon of getting sick when exposed to manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The subject associates symptoms ...
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EMF Stickers are Fake

Metallic Patches, Chips, Minerals Do Not Shield EMFs (Article Summary)

Dimitris J Panagopoulos 1, George P Chrousos 2 Affiliations expand PMID: 30831365 DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.02.344 Abstract The authors acknowledge electromagnetic hypersensitivity ...
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