Vielight Treatment Measurable Brain Improvements in N=1 Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

Red light therapy brain dose

One 23-year old traumatic brain injury patient complained of headaches, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. He home-treated with a Vielight Neuro Duo. At an 8 week measurement he had increased brain volume, improved functional connectivity, increased cerebral perfusion, and neuropsychological improvements.

Red and Infrared LED Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression and PTSD Case Report

Red light therapy brain dose

Two Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients who also had depression or post trauamtic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms  received 633 nm red and 870 nm transcranial light treatment of 13.3 J/cm^2 10 minutes per site, 1x/weeek for 6 years, or 1x/day for 4 months. Researchers treated bilateral left and right forehead (“and multiple other areas”).  At the time of measurement, each had improved executive function, memory and PTSD symptoms.

Decrease Wrinkles, Increase Collagen 830 nm and 633 nm Comparison

Science study Red light therapy skin dose

76 patients received split face LED treatment with 830 nm, 633 nm, or a combination of 830 nm and 633 nm. The control group received a sham treatment. Patients received therapy twice a week for four weeks. Measuring skin elasticity and melanin revealed wrinkle reduction as high as 36% and up to 19% skin elacity increase. Researchers concluded that 830 and 633nm alone and in combination are effective wrinkle reducing wavelengths.

White (411-777) and Red (660 nm) Reduction of Wrinkles Over 12 Weeks

Science study Red light therapy skin dose

Researchers treated subjects with LED therapy the specific wavelength 660 nm (red for group 1) and a range of wavelengths from 411 to 777 nm (white for group 2). 52 women received 5.17 J daily for 12 weeks. Wrinkles significantly improved (reduced). Group 1 had slightly better results, but the differences were not significant. 

The Complete Book of Ridiculous Red Light Answers


Light therapy heals with photons. A red incandescent bulb throws more heat than light, so it’s not likely to have a light therapy effect. Yes, you can use light therapy to reduce acne scars. Traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s and dementia respond to red and infrared light therapy.

Read This Before Using Red Light Therapy for Photodamage

Four lights that reverse photodamage

Yes, you can reverse photoaging. Red, infrared, yellow, and violet light therapy can reduce wrinkles, increase collagen, and smooth out pigmentation issues. Studies show that treatment with these lights reverse photodamage from the sun. While dermatologists offer topical treatments, his article is all about how to reverse photodamage using light therapy.