EMF Channel: How to Use Electromagnetic Fields for Health, and How to Protect from Dangerous Electromagnetic Fields

Tesla Electromagnetics

Light Therapy

Red light therapy — and light therapy in general — is the use of the electromagnetic fields of light and infrared to support health. When scientists realized that LEDs could do the same work as lasers, the consumer market for LED light therapy exploded. Learn more about this powerful yet affordable wellness technology.

How Light Therapy Works

Learn the science and concepts driving photobiomodulation (the use of light to heal).

How To Do Light Therapy Treatments

I take successful light therapy studies and explain how to copy them at home.

Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy devices come in at least seven different configurations. There are handhelds, panels, bulbs, headsets, domes and more. Learn where each design helps with getting healing light where you want it.

Evidence-Based EMF Therapy and Protection

The color blue, a radio wave, and an x-ray beam are each fields of light particles that travel in waves. Also known as “electromagnetic fields” (EMFs), these waves of energy range from weak to powerful. Long waves have relatively little energy per photon. Short waves can knock the electrons right out of your DNA.

Only a tiny part of the spectrum includes the light that we as humans can actually see: violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. EMFs can be healthy or harmful. Ultraviolet and blue light are both. Ultraviolet helps us create Vitamin D, and it causes sunburns and skin cancer. Blue light can kill P acnes bacteria, which clears the face, but it can also hurt the eyes.

Red light is a healing EMF because it creates a cascade of energy starting at the mitochondria. This is why red light therapy works for so many problems. EMF Channel explores all the ways the EMFs can help us heal, and how to protect ourselves from the ones that do us harm.