Yellow and Infrared Low Level Light to Prevent Thyroidectomy Scar Formation

Science study Red light therapy skin dose

Researchers treated 35 thyroidectomy patients with a combination of 830 nm and 590 nm LED light. Patients received 60 J/cm over a period of 11 minutes for 7 days, starting on the day of surgery. After the first week, they received treatment 3x/week for 3 more weeks. At 3 months, scars on treated patients were lighter and had less color compared to controls. Self-assessment of scar was not significantly different between treated and control groups.

Dental Wound Healing Green Light Dose

Green Light Therapy wound healing dose

Use green 532 nm diodes without massage or mechanical manipulation to improve the appearance of cellulite in thighs and buttocks.

Researchers treated 34 women with low-energy green light.

Subjects receives three treatments a week for 2 weeks (6).

Researchers treated subjects’ hips, thighs, a waist. Treatments lasted 30 min.

Subjects had significant:

decrease in circumference of treated areas
decrease in baseline body weight
reduction in BMI
reduction in cellulite

Traumatic Brain Injury Lesion Red Light Dose

Red light therapy brain dose

Transcranial Photobiomodulation Therapy in the Cognitive Rehabilitation of Patients with Cranioencephalic Trauma 3x/week/6 weeks (18) 30 min session “Alteration in the cerebral blood flow as well as consequent increase of the cerebral oxygenation that helped to improve the cerebral function.” Traumatic Brain Injury Lesion Red Light Dose PBM stimulates the release of endorphins, inhibits … Read more