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Effects of EMFs on the Brain



The Complete Book of Ridiculous Red Light Answers

The video Why the ridiculous Red Light wellness trend just might work created an avalanche of red light therapy questions ...
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E=MC squared

How to Grasp Confusing Light Therapy and 5G EM Frequencies

Which frequency is larger: 1,500 MHz, or 1.6 GHz? If you were comparing two therapy devices with these frequencies, would ...
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What is red light therapy?

What is Red Light Therapy?

Because I have spine and joint issues, I am always looking for ways to reduce pain. "Red Light Therapy" promises ...
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Light and Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures

Light and Laser Therapy: CLINICAL PROCEDURES, by Curtis Turchin, MA, DC (book review)

Scientific verification of light therapy dosing is still years away. That's why it's so helpful when clinicians document the doses ...
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Red light

Successful EMF Medical Treatments (study summary)

Multiple studies confirm the healing effects of EMF on bone healing, in cancer treatment, and for improving neurological conditions. EMFs are ...
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Danger Non Ionizing Radiation Hazard

Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Can Figure

Can the EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from your cell phone make you sick?  A multi-trillion dollar telephone industry says "no." A growing body ...
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Scientific Study Summaries

Red light therapy brain dose

Laser Infrared on Palm Changes Brainwave Amplitude

Wu et al. 2012 [] Healthy volunteers (40) Laser, 6 diodes, Advanced Chips & Products Corp. (Hillside, NJ, USA) 830 ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Achieve Meditative Brainwaves Red Light Dose

830 nm, 7 mW, left and right forehead (2 sites), 240 s each, 1.68 J/cm^2/site helped substance abusers achieve meditative ...
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