Best Panel Red Lights

Panels are tall units that you hang from the wall or ceilinig (if you do hang it from the ceiling, don’t sleep under it, just in case it isn’t properly fastened). Panels treat large areas of the body and so are good wellness devices. Panels usually run on household electricity, so they are not guarded from emitting non natural EMFs. Allow 6 or more inches between you and the therapy device that runs on household electricity. Panels are best for people who want to absorb light on the widest area in the shortest time.

This is the Best Zero Unwanted EMF Red Light Therapy Device

Spazer is a bright light

Some electromagnetic fields (EMFs) such as light are healthy. Some non-natural EMFs (nnEmfs) such as the fields generated by a light’s transformer and fan are generally considered to be unhealthy. There is disagreement about nnEMFs as there is disagreement about genetically modified foods. If you are worried about the bad health effects of GMOs, you don’t eat them. If you are worried about the bad health effects of nnEMFs, you avoid absorbing them. Many red light therapy devices output both health light photons and unhealthy nnEMFs If you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), you know when you’re exposed to nnEMF. Even if you don’t have EHS, conscious consumers avoid nnEMFs if possible. So how do red light therapy device users get the good photon EMFs without the bad nnEMFs?

SAIDI: The Best Red Light for the Electromagnetic Hypersensitive

GembaRed SAIDI red light therapy device for EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitive) people

The SAIDI Light from GembaRed is one of the only red light therapy devices on the market with no flicker, and a tiny 1 V/m electric field and 0.23 milligauss magnetic field at a distance of 1 inch. The SAIDI achieves this remarkable nnEMF decrease by using a battery instead of a transformer, and by eliminating the fan, and thereby eliminating the fan motor. Yet the SAIDI is still a powerful therapeutic red light device, making it one of the very few suitable for people with EHS.

How to Get a 36″ Red Light Therapy Panel for Way Less Money

Bestqool Y-200 red light panel

You can buy a heavily marketed 36″ high therapy panel for almost $1200, and it does not even come with a door mounting kit. While there is a science to good LED devices, you don’t need rocket surgeons and brain scientists to build a good panel. Let’s compare the expensive box to a Bestqool Y-200. I’m about to save you a whole lot of money.