Vielight Treatment Measurable Brain Improvements in N=1 Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

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One 23-year old traumatic brain injury patient complained of headaches, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. He home-treated with a Vielight Neuro Duo. At an 8 week measurement he had increased brain volume, improved functional connectivity, increased cerebral perfusion, and neuropsychological improvements.

Severe Brain Damage Transcranial Laser Brings Improvement, Epileptic Fits

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Five traumatic brain injury patients with cognitive disabilities received transcranial 785 nm infrared laser 5 times per week for 6 weeks. They showed improved awareness and alertness, but two epileptic fits corresponded with treatment earlier that day. The fits also corresponded with concurrent antibiotic treatments.

Chronic TBI Infrared Laser Transcranial Treatment

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10 chronic TBI patients received 810 nm and 980 nm infrared laser treatment of 14.8 to 28.3 J/cm^2 2 to 3 times per week for 8 weeks. Treatments were pulsed at 10 Hz. Transcranial treatment spots included 2 sites on the forehead and 3 bilateral, prefrontal and temporal. At measurement they showed improved headaches, sleep disturbances, cognition, mood regulation,  anxiety and irritability.

Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, PTSD, Social Anxiety Transcranial LED Treatment

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11 chronic traumatic brain injury patients were treated with 633 nm and 870 nm infrared three times per week for six weeks. They received 13 J/cm^2 transcranially on 11 sites at midline and bilateral forehead. At 6 weeks they experience better sleep, decreased PTSD and improved social performance.

Red and Infrared LED Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression and PTSD Case Report

Red light therapy brain dose

Two Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients who also had depression or post trauamtic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms  received 633 nm red and 870 nm transcranial light treatment of 13.3 J/cm^2 10 minutes per site, 1x/weeek for 6 years, or 1x/day for 4 months. Researchers treated bilateral left and right forehead (“and multiple other areas”).  At the time of measurement, each had improved executive function, memory and PTSD symptoms.

The Complete Book of Ridiculous Red Light Answers


Light therapy heals with photons. A red incandescent bulb throws more heat than light, so it’s not likely to have a light therapy effect. Yes, you can use light therapy to reduce acne scars. Traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s and dementia respond to red and infrared light therapy.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lesion Red Light Dose

Red light therapy brain dose

Transcranial Photobiomodulation Therapy in the Cognitive Rehabilitation of Patients with Cranioencephalic Trauma 3x/week/6 weeks (18) 30 min session “Alteration in the cerebral blood flow as well as consequent increase of the cerebral oxygenation that helped to improve the cerebral function.” Traumatic Brain Injury Lesion Red Light Dose PBM stimulates the release of endorphins, inhibits … Read more