Treating Acne and Rosacea with Chromophore Gel with Broadband Light

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This study looked at the Kleresca chromophore gel’s light absorption properties.
Researchers tested gel penetration of fluorescent light energy (FLE) of 375 nm, 405 nm, 435 nm, 450 nm, 470 nm, 505 nm, 525 nm, 570 nm, 590 nm, 630 nm, 645 nm, 660 nm, 700 nm, 850 nm, 870 nm, 890 nm, 940 nm and 970 nm.

The Complete Book of Ridiculous Red Light Answers


Light therapy heals with photons. A red incandescent bulb throws more heat than light, so it’s not likely to have a light therapy effect. Yes, you can use light therapy to reduce acne scars. Traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s and dementia respond to red and infrared light therapy.