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Five EM Frequencies Increase Osteoporsis Health (study summary)

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Study Summary

Osteoporosis can include:

  • reduced bone mass
  • bone tissue micro-architectural degradation
  • bone fragility
  • higher fracture risk

Current treatments include dietary changes and pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals have multiple side effects and are expensive. Patients often avoid compliance with their prescriptions.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) therapies are safe. EMFs are already used to treat bone fractures, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and non-union fractures. EMFs have already been shown to positively affect bone stem cells, bone formation, and bone resorption (keeping the existing bone).

Researches hyposthezied that ttimulating P2X7 would stimulate bone marrow stem cells, and that this would decrease osteoporosis severity. This study included a bone stem cell and an ovary sub-study.

Stem Cell Study

For the stem cell study, they extracted stem cell RNA from mice. They placed the cells into an osteogenic (nutritional) medium. They placed the enhanced cells into a C02 incubator. Using coils, they applied EMFs to the RNA. All samples were irradiated at 1 mT (micro tesla). They applied 7.5 Hz, 15 Hz, 30 Hz, and 75 Hz to the cells in the osteogenic media. Cells received stimulation for seven, 14, or 21 days. After treatment, researchers measured the samples for P2X7 and for protein levels.

Ovary Study

Researchers placed EMF coils between cages. Researchers placed rats into these cages. The rats were divided into groups:

  • no EMF
  • EMF
  • EMF and BzATP (P2X7 stimulator)
  • inject with NaCl (sodium chloride)

Researchers exposed all groups to 15 Hz at 1 mT for 9 hours per day. They removed the mouse ovaries at 8 weeks. They euthanized the mice at 12 weeks. Researchers also excised the right fimur and tibia of each mouse, and performed micro CT scans on these bones.

An application 15 Hz fields increased P2X7 expression compared to the control group. Applying an osteogenic medium and stimulating it with 15 Hz fields was beneficial to treating osteoporosis. The P2X7 upregulated in response to the fields. The treatment was favorable to bone formation.

P2X7 expression increased at all frequencies and periods. 15 Hz provided the optimal results.

  • EMF combined with stem cells can heal osteoporosis
  • exposing stem cells to 15 Hz/1 mT creates conditions favorable for bone reformation
  • mouse ethical considerations seemed perfunctory


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