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Vielight 810 and Neuro Intranasal and Transcranial Infrared LED Significantly Decreases Dementia Symptoms

Quick Dose Info

Wavelength (nm):
810 nm
Joules (J):
10.65 or 24.6+13.8


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Study Summary

A 2017 study in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery found improved dementia symptoms after 810 nm infrared transcranial and intranasal irradiation of five patients using Vielight 810 and Neuro LED devices. Patients received 10.65 J/cm2 from 14.2 mW/cm^2 or 24.6+13.8 J/cm^2 from 41+23 mW/cm^2. Treatment times for 25 or 20 minutes. The devices output 10 Hz pulsed wave. The study lasted 12 weeks.  Vielight 810 is an intranasal device. The Neuro is transcranial and intranasal. Light reached “bilateral mesial prefrontal cortex, precuneus/posterior cingulate cortex, angular gyrus, and hippocampus.” Results included dementia improvement of sleep, fewer angry outburts, reduced anxiety and reduced wandering.

Wavelength (nm)
810 nm
Joules (J)
10.65 or 24.6+13.8
Body Target
Condition Treated
Treatment Time (seconds)
1500 or 1200
Irradiance/Power Density (mW/cm^2)
14.2 or 41+23
12 weeks
EMF Type
Infrared 700-1400 nm
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