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Treating Acne with Alternating Red Light Therapy with Blue Light Therapy

Quick Dose Info

Wavelength (nm):
470 nm
640 nm
Joules (J):


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Study Summary

Both groups had moderate to severe acne. All subjects received 470 nm blue and 640 nm red light therapy treatments. Group 1 received treatment two times per week for four weeks. At the first weekly session, they received one color treatment. At the second weekly session they received the other color treatment. Group 2 received treatment one time per week. At this session, they first received one color, then they received the second color. Group 1 treatment was spread across two days. Group 2 treatment was delivered in one day. Both groups had significant lesion count reduction, and were not significantly different from one another. Both regimens had significant results.

Wavelength (nm)
470 nm
640 nm
Joules (J)
Body Target
Condition Treated
2x/week for 4 weeks altnerating colors across 2 sessions, or 1x/week for 4 weeks alternating colors across 1 session
EMF Type
  • Blue 415-490 nm
  • Red 630-700 nm
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