Spazer & SAIDI Red Light Comparison

Battery Power

  • frees the user from the wire

  • is practically zero EMF

You can purchase any cell phone battery bank to convert the Spazer into a battery-powered light.

The SAIDI comes with the battery installed.

Battery Powered



Battery Life

Depends on charger

60 to 90 minutes

USB Power

  • tethers the user to the wire

  • is practically zero EMF

Plug the cord into a USB power source to run the light.

Use the power adapter and cord to charge the light. Use the battery to run the light.

USB Powered



Wall Outlet Power

Outlet Powered



  • tethers the user to the wire

  • good transformers are low EMF; bad ones emit unwanted EMFs

Obtain a low-EMF and USB-to-AC adapter according to page's instructions.  Allows you to run off wall power instead of USB. 



Red 630 nm



Red 660 nm



Infrared 850 nm




  • If vendor uses solar meter to measure LED power density, the real value is less than half the claimed value.

  • If vendor relies on manufacturer's power density claims, the real value can be significantly less than stated.

  • Power density at zero inches (light pressed to skin) is reliable if tested with a spectrophotometer or LED meter, HOWEVER

  • Power density measured at any distance is vastly overstated due to reflectance

  • For example, if you measure power density at 6 inches with a meter designed to measure LED light, and get 100 mW, then you can say that 100 mW lands on the target surface. But because the skin REFLECTS photons, and because the lamp is not pressed to the skin to blunt reflection, that 100 mW value is drastically overstated. It can be and often is as low as 5 mW/cm^2 when stated as 100 mW/cm^2. 

  • Therefore, a LOW to NO EMF light pressed to the skin is signficantly more powerful than a "powerful" light at 6 inches.

Inches Distance from User 

Power Density mW/cm^2/second

Power Density mW/cm^2/second















Tiny: 0.5%



Tiny: 4 V/m 0.13 milliGauss

Tiny: 4 V/m 0.23 milliGauss




Treatment Area at 0 Inch Distance

3.5 in. x 5 in.

3.5 in. x 5 in.

Typical Lifetime Hours



EMF Channel Rating

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