Medical Biomagnitism

“Medical Biomagnetism and BEMER Technology” (book review)

The author enthusiastically recommends PEMF device BEMER for multiple human ailments. Unfortunately she gives no proof as to whether it ...
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Danger Non Ionizing Radiation Hazard

Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Can Figure

I refuse to throw away good ideas just because someone might be trying to fool me. I also refuse to accept ...
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HeLa cells

Steady 60 Hz EMF Causes Abnormal Cell Increase (study summary)

60 Hz non-ionizing radiation exposure correlates with cell proliferation similar to that seen in some cancers ...
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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Protection

EHS Acknowledged, But Work Needed to Find Cause (study summary)

We don't have the tools to validate or reject self-reported electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) diagnoses. Sufferers attribute their headaches and rashes ...
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About Caroline Bogart

About Caroline Bogart

Hello. My name is Caroline Bogart. I am a programmer, writer, and web developer. I build free websites for animal ...
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Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor

Mobile Phones [Don’t] Cause Brain Tumors (study summary)

In a study of over 4,000 brain tumor patients, one sub-group had a 40% increase in brain tumor formation compared ...
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Glioma and Meningioma

Cell Phone Use Prevents Cancer. Ha Ha Ha. (article review)

The INTERPHONE cell phone health study was so poorly designed that it actually found cell phone use protective against cancer ...
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EMFs treat osteoporosis

Five EM Frequencies Increase Osteoporsis Health (study summary)

Stimulating the P2X7 receptor with 15 Hz frequencies improved stem cell expression. The stem cells enhanced bone formation ...
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Phone hip holster promotes bone cancer

900 MHz Holster Phones Weaken Hips (study summary)

Non-ionizing radiation of 900 MHz held close to human hip slows that hip's fracture healing time ...
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Healthy intervertebral disc

3.85 kHz PEMF Anti-Inflammatory Effects (study summary)

PEMF promotes acute injury healing and reduces degeneration in live animals ...
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PEMF heals broken bones

PEMF Scientific Breakthroughs Review (study summary)

PEMF is especially successful in bone and wound healing. The first medical PEMF used a steady current, which created heat ...
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SAR should tell you how much RF your brain absorbs

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Definition

SAR is a measure of how much non-ionizing radiation your body would absorb under laboratory conditions. It's actually a meaningless ...
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Red light

Successful EMF Medical Treatments (study summary)

EMF already has significant science behind it for healing bones, cancer, neurological conditions, wound healing, immune issues, pain reduction, skin ...
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eReader at night causes sleep problems

Evening Electronic Book Light Damages Sleep (study summary)

Sujects using eReaders projecting lue light formed delays in their circadian clocks. They had an average 20% drop in their ...
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I am not a trained scientist

Affiliate Disclosure

This site is owned and operated by Bogart Computing LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in New Hampshire, USA. Bogart ...
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Golden rules

Terms and Conditions for Bogart Computing LLC Website

This Terms and Conditions page defines your use of our the website EMF Channel located at ...
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Skin burned

PEMF Superior to EMF Healing 2nd Degree Burns (study summary)

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and electrical stimulation (ES) reduce burn wound healing time by a factor of days. PEMF is ...
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Red light rhinophototherapy

Red Light Improves Nasal Symptoms (study summary)

One therapy session with red light relieved nasal symptoms for two days. However, this study has multiple errors ...
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Red light eye goggles

Red Light During Sleep Reduces Sleepiness, But Not Melatonin (study summary)

Wearing a red light mask while sleeping led to greater alertness upon waking, and better self-reported feelings of being awake ...
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Sensitive skin

Red Light Strengthens Skin Barrier (study summary)

One hour of 600 nm red light at 40 mW/cm^2 increased skin's ability to maintain water and fat, known as ...
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Four Hertz graph

Hertz (Hz) Definition

Hertz is the number of cycles (waves) that pass a given area in one second ...
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EMFs can heal or harm

Beam Angle Definition

Beam angle is the light spread over distance. A narrow beam angle concentrates light, while a wide beam angle spreads ...
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Is red light therapy good for you? Yes

Is LED Therapy Effective? Yes. Yes it Is. (study summary)

Low level light therapy works on multiple energy and skin building processes to heal wounds and improve skin conditions. This ...
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Irradiance Definition

Irradiance is the the light therapy device's power output in milliwatts per square centimeter of surface area at a given ...
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Blue light therapy suppresses ghrelin hunger hormone

Red Light at 14 mV for Six to 12 Minutes Releases Fat (study summary)

Surgeons successfully melted fat using 635 nm red light at 14 mV on 700 liposuction patients ...
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Electromagnetic Radiation Survival Guide

“Electromagnetic Radiation Survival Guide: Step by Step Solutions” (book review)

Survival Guide contains some excellent information that would be better conveyed with more organization and some editing ...
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Infrared energy

Infrared Definition

Infrared is electromagnetic radiation which ranges from 700 nm to 1,000 nm (1 millimeter) wavelengths, and from 430 THz to ...
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Light and Laser guide headache side of face treatment points

“Light and Laser Therapy: CLINICAL PROCEDURES”, by Curtis Turchin, MA, DC (book review)

Light and Laser Therapy is an instruction manual for healthcare professionals treating patients using LED and laser devices ...
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If energy is too low result is not produced

1 J/cm Red Light Does Not Release Fat (study summary)

635 nm laser of 1.0 joule per centimeter, with a total energy delivered of 0.9 mW/cm2, does not release fat ...
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Blue light raises heart rate

460 nm Blue Light Heavily Supresses Melatonin (study summary)

Of all the blue light wavelengths, 460 nm has a particularly strong effect supressing melatonin ...
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Simulated blue white daylight supresses melatonin

Computer and Phone Light Suppresses Sleep (study summary)

Blue light in the morning helps you stay awake. Blue light at night keeps you awake ...
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blue light causes brain damage

Blue Light Can Cause Brain Damage and Aging (study summary)

Blue light exposed flies developed brain damage and locomotion disability. This probably can extrapolate to humans ...
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What is red light therapy?

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is the use of red and infrared energy to help the body heal. It does work, with ...
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Red light beads

Red Light Halts Brain Memory Tissue Damage

Red light therapy even at low power stops the oxidative stress that damages memory and learning brain areas ...
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E=MC squared

How to Grasp Confusing Light Therapy and 5G EM Frequencies

Learn how to read frequencies and wavelengths using math, patterns, and examples ...
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Dr. Michael Hamblin

Dr. Hamblin Explains Photobiomodulation (Red Light Therapy)

Red light mechanism: Mitochondria absorbs the light at cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), and increases membrane potential. Lght activates heat/light gated ...
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Neuro muscular electrical stimulator on the legs

Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) Definition

Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) is a therapeutic devices that uses electricity to cause muscles to contract ...
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Surgical Incision PEMF Coil

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) Definition

A PEMF device delivers magnetic fields through tissue to the target area. PEMF is not an electromagnetic therapy: it is ...
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Magnetic poles

Gauss (G or Gs) Definition

Gauss is a measure of a magnetic field's force on another magnetic field or on a conductor such as metal ...
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Girl with EHS

Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) Definition

Electro hypersensitivity is an adverse biological reaction to EMF exposure ...
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Healthy skin

Four Infrared Light Doses for Better Skin

Strong dose near infrared (NIR) damages skin. NIR spread over time reduces wrinkles, produces collagen, and has no side effects ...
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Science study Red light therapy skin dose

Strengthen Skin Wound Barrier Red Light Dose

> 600 nm, 40 mW/cm^2, 3600 S, 24 J/cm^2, porcine skin promoted recovery of wound epidermal barrier ...
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Red light exercise dose

Lower Exercise Stress Response Red Light Dose

17 sites, 2 legs, 50 J/site, 100 mW, 810 nm, 500s per decreased post-exercise stress on 10 data points ...
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Red light therapy wound dose

Contact Dermatitis Resolution Red Light Dose

830 nm LED, 100 mW/cm^2, 10 minutes/session, three sessions, 60 J/c^2 continuous dose ...
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Study red light sleep dose

Red Light Through Eyelids Reduces Sleepiness Dose

615 to 635 nm of pulsed light with a maximum power of 35 mW over eyes while sleeping for periods ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Depression and Alcoholism Red Light Therapy Dose

514 nm at 100 mW/cm^2 for 50 to 300 seconds, 5 pulses per second. 633 nm at 25 mW/cm^2 for ...
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Red light therapy bone dose

Bone Fracture Healing Red Light Therapy Dose

830 nm, 60 mW/cm^2, 600 s, 9.7 J/cm^2, 5x/week/2 weeks decreased wrist fracture healing time ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Decrease Anxiety Red Light Therapy Dose

830 nm continuous wave, average irradiance 30 mW/cm^2, on forehead reduced anxiety symptoms ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Reduce Autism Irritability Red Light Dose

635 nm, 15 mW/cm^2, 300 s, 8x over 4 weeks, 2 points (skull base, temporal areas), 45 J correlated with ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Increase Brain Blood Flow in Vegetative Patient Red Light Dose

830 nm, 11.4 mW/cm^2, 1800 s, 2/day/73 days (146) improved blood flow and correlated with patient regaining cognition ...
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Science study red light therapy motor function

Decrease Multiple Cerebral Palsy Symptoms Red Light Dose

830 nm, 60 mW/cm^2, 30 s/site, 900 s-1800 s total, 1.8 J/cm^2, myotonic face and neck sites, 1x/week/2 weeks, or ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Improved Brain Oxygenation Red Light Dose

1064 nm, 250 mW, 600 s, 150 J/cm^2 improved brain oxygen supply ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Traumatic Brain Injury Anxiety and Depression Red Light Dose

810 nm, 250 mW/cm^2, 240 s, 60 J/cm^2 per site, 2 sites, 1 treatment improved depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Enhance Lithium Depression Treatment Red Light Dose

830 nm, 332 mW/cm^2,120 s, 40 J/cm^2, unknown targets, 8 treatments, unknown schedule, reduced anhedonia apathy, increased libido, decreased anxiety, ...
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Red light therapy brain dose

Reduce Cognitive Decline Biomarkers Red Light Dose

1064 nm, 250 mW/cm^2, 480 s, 60 J/cm^2, 240 s per site, 2 sites, 1/week/5 weeks: Improve memory and increase ...
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