How Psoriasis and Acne are Easier to Treat than Ever

Blue light improves acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, vitiligo and sunspots. Blue light improves cellular function at the mitochondrial level, just as red light does. Both red and blue light can stimulate energy production in good cells, and slow or stop energy production in unwanted cells. The response depends on the wavelengths used.

How to Copy Successful Light Studies with Your Device

Copy successful studies with your light

Every light therapy device emits specific wavelengths found to have therapeutic value. The studies giving us confidence in those wavelengths are published in journals throughout the world. EMF Channel gathers those studies in the EMF Channel Light Therapy Dose Database for our readers to copy using their own devices. In this section, I match the wavelengths of devices you can buy with successful light therapy studies. So, for example, if you own the GembaRed SAIDI light, you can learn how to use it to copy successful acne reduction and neuralgia pain reduction studies.

How a Canary in the Coal Mine Transformed Red Light Therapy Engineering

Andrew LaTour testing a red light therapy bed at a biohacking conference

LaTour says that he and his fellow EHS sufferers are the canaries in the electromagnetic coal mine. “People who suffer from EHS will experience heart palpitations, heart racing, anxiety or fear, mood issues, malaise, fatigue, and nausea or dizziness when in a high non-native electromagnetic field area. For me the first sign of being exposed to a high-EMF environment is my tinnitus (ringing in my ears) increases.” Sensitive people feel EHS first, but we are all subject to the effects of nnEMFs.” LaTour engineers only low-to-no EMF RLT devices because he knows the danger is real.

What is a “Dose” of Red Light Therapy?

Red moon

A dose of red light therapy is a quantity of energy measured in joules from light with a wavelength of 600 to 1200 nanometers. Whether the dose we just defined is actually helpful to the body depends on the wavelength being the right one for the target treatment, and
the energy quantity being sufficient to kick off energy-creation and healing cascades of events.