Reverse Cognitive Decline Red Light Dose


Week 1: 635 nm and 810 nm combined, continuous wave, transcranial helmet, and body pad on lower back, simultaneous treatment, 25 minutes.

Week 2: Added 810 nm intransal LED pulsed at 10 Hz for a 25 minute session.

week 2 intranasal device 10 hz pulsed wave 810 nm left nostril 2x day
plus pad and cap

25 min per session

significant improvement cognitive and memory tests. sense of smell returned, caregiver stress reduced

Alzheimer’s patient treatment: Improve cognitive and memory scores; regain sense of smell; reduce stress in patient and caregiver.

Patient received twice-daily PBM therapy at home using three different wearable light-emitting diode (LED) devices. For the first week containing a mixture of continuous wave mode red (635 nm) and NIR (810 nm) LEDs, a prototype transcranial light helmet and a body pad were used. The body pad was placed on various areas on the lower back and the helmet was worn while seated. After the first week of treatment, an intranasal LED device, 10-Hz pulsed wave mode NIR (810 nm), was initiated in the left nostril twice daily. All three devices were applied simultaneously for an irradiation time of 25 min per session. Results: The patient showed a significant improvement in the Montreal Cognitive Assessment score from 18 to 24 and in the Working Memory Questionnaire score from 53 to 10. The cognitive enhancement was accompanied by reversal of olfactory dysfunction as measured by the Alberta Smell Test and peanut butter odor detection test. Quality-of-life measures improved and caregiver stress was reduced. No adverse effects were reported. Conclusions: PBM therapy may be a promising noninvasive approach for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease; intranasal; light-emitting diode; mild cognitive impairment; olfactory dysfunction; photobiomodulation; transcranial.

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