Reduce Cognitive Decline Biomarkers Red Light Dose

1064 nm, 250 mW/cm^2, 480 s, 60 J/cm^2, 240 s per site, 2 sites, 1/week/5 weeks: Improve memory and increase brain blood oxygen in patients at risk for cognitive decline.

joules per site, 4 min. per site, 3.4 W x 240 s = 816 J/site (power not density)
Transcranial Infrared Laser Stimulation (TILS) at 1064 nm, 250 mW/cm^2
increase neurocognitive functions
young adults
right prefrontal cortex
this study older adults
subjective memory complaint
risk for cognitive decline (carotid artery intima-media thickness or mild traumatic brain injury)
measure attention, memory, carotid artery thickness
electroencephalography (eeg
all subjects improved
five weekly sessions, 8 min each
increased resting state eeg alpha, beta, gamma power
promotes more efficient prefrontal blood-exygen level depending fMRI response
no adverse effects
power beam uniform 13.6 cm^2
laser wave continuous, power output 3.4 W (3400 mW)
Irradiance/power density 250 mW/cm^2
(3400 mW/13.6 cm^2 = 250 mW/cm^2)
cumulative fluence (energy density) per site 60 J/cm^2 (0.25 W/cm^2 x 240 s = 60 J/cm^2)
already shown effective in enhancing cerebral oxygenation, cytochrome c oxidase levels.
Exposes teh skin to 0.25 W/cm^2, not harmful, no heat.
Right forehead targeting right prefrontal cortex, strongest relationship between carotid IMT and working memory performance.
Location extended 4 cm medial and 4 cm lateral to the FP2 point 10-20 eeg placement system.
Laser stimulated alternated every minute between medial and lateral sites for a total of 4 minutes per site (3.4 W x 240 s = 816 J/site).
Treatment 8 minutes,
1/week/5 weeks

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