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Red Light at 14 mV for Six to 12 Minutes Releases Fat (study summary)

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Wavelength (nm):
635 nm
Unknown nm
Joules (J):


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Study Summary

In a 2002 Aesthetic Surgery Journal study, surgeons treated fat during liposuction procedures. They used 635 nm red light at 14 mV on 700 liposuction patients. They found that red light applied directly to fat during the procedure enhanced the results. The use of low level light therapy during surgery allowed the surgeons to remove more fat than when the site was not treated with red light.

“Excellent aesthetic results, including an improved silhouette contour, smooth abdominal surface, and good skin retraction, were obtained in 95% of cases. Postoperative recovery was rapid, and complications were minimal.”


Wavelength (nm)
635 nm
Unknown nm
Joules (J)
Body Target
Condition Treated
EMF Type
Red 630-700 nm
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