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1 J/cm Red Light Does Not Release Fat (study summary)

Quick Dose Info

Wavelength (nm):
635 nm
Joules (J):
1 J/cm^2


Below is a summary of this article:
Study Summary

In a 2004 Plastic Reconstructive Surgery study, researchers tested the effect of low level 635 nm red laser on abdominal adipocytes before lapoplasty procedures. They found that 635 nm at 1 J/cm^2 delivered at 0.9 mW/cm^2 does not release fat from fat cells. They tested the light on live pig and cultured human preadipocytes (pre-fat cells). The control group received no treatment. The test group was broken up into subgroups:

  • group 1: suction assisted, no radiation
  • group 2: ultrasound assisted, no radiation
  • group 3: 635 nm at 1.0 J/cm^2
  • group 3a: no exposure
  • group 3b: 15 minutes exposre
  • group 3c: 30 minutes exposure
  • group 3d: 60 minutes exposure

After treatment the researchers performed histological and electron microscope scans. There were no histological or cellular differences between control and radiated specimens. 1 Joule/cm^2 635 nm light delivering 0.9 mW did not enhance lipoplasty results. The energy in this study is too low to trigger a response.

Wavelength (nm)
635 nm
Joules (J)
1 J/cm^2
Body Target
Condition Treated
Irradiance/Power Density (mW/cm^2)
0.9 mW/cm^2
EMF Type
Red 630-700 nm
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