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Physician’s Office Psoralen UVA and UVB for Psoriasis

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Study Summary

Researchers treated 25 psoriasis patients with psoralen and ultraviolet-A (PUVA), and another 25 patients with psoralent and ultraviolet-B (PUVB). Psoriasis affected 25-70% of the patient’s skin. After 8 weeks of treatment, 92% of the PUVA group, and 80% of the PUVB group had remission. Limbs and trunk were more resistant than the rest of the body. 28% of PUVA and 24% of PUVB suffered erythema (redness); 32% and 28% pruitis (itchiness); 28% and 24% nausea and vomiting; 16% and 12% fever & malaise; 12% and 16% headache; 1% and 0% blister; 1% and 0% claustrophobia. Researchers concluded that PUVA and PUVB had substantially similar positive outcomes.

Wavelength (nm)
Range nm
Joules (J)
Body Target
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EMF Type
  • UVB 280-315 nm
  • UVA 315-400 nm
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