PEMF Superior to EMF Healing 2nd Degree Burns (study summary)


The effect of magnetic field therapy and electric stimulation on experimental burn healing

Yaşar Keskin,corresponding author Nurettin Taştekin, Mehmet Kanter, Hüsamettin Top, Ferda Özdemir, Mustafa Erboğa, Özgür Taşpınar, and Necdet Süt6

Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
November 22, 2019


Researched compared the burn-healing enhancement capabilities of electrical stimulation (ES) and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) stimulation.

PEMF is already known to stimulate:

  • IGF (insulin-like growth factor) [healing/harming hormone depending on context]
  • TGF-β (transforming growth factor-beta) [partial proteins healing/harming depending on context]
  • capillary vessel [small blood vessel] formation
  • endothelial cell [blood vessel interior wall] proliferation
  • lysosome [cellular cleanup molecule]
  • ribosome [protein synthesis molecule]
  • mitochondria [nutrition-to-energy molecule]
  • enzymatic [protein-complex signalling, metabolism, gene expression] activity
  • partial oxygen pressure [more blood oxygen]
  • metabolic toxin removal

Electric stimulation is already known for its:

  • ability to fight infection
  • analgesic effect [painkiller]
  • immune system [pathogen fighting]
  • lymph circulation [waste removal]
  • neovascularization [new blood vessels]


Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and electrical stimulation (ES) accelerate burn healing.


Researchers induced burns on rat backs  [God forgive us]. They broke  the rats into three groups:

  • antibacterial pomade [waxy carrier]
  • antibacterial pomade and PEMF
  • antibacterial pomade and ES

They then tested each group for:

  • re-epithelialization
  • wound area contraction
  • reduction of edema
  • hyperaemia
  • neovascularization
  • collagen density
  • granulation tissue formation
  • cell proliferation
  • inflammatory cell response


Both PEMF and ES with antibacterial pomade enhanced wound healing, but the did so on different biological levels.

The PEMF and ES helped heal wounds faster than the pomade alone.

PEMF and ES with antibacterial pomade improved the following:

  • neovascularization [new blood vessels]
  • collagen [connective tissue protein] density
  • granulation tissue [connective tissue and blood vessels] formation
  • cell prolifereation[net cell count increase]
  • inflammatory cell response [healing cell proliferation]


PEMF and ES reduce burn wound time-to-heal

PEMF and ES took days off healing time


  • PEMF and ES accelerate burn healing time
  • authors had no conflicts of interest
  • while burning mice is wrong and horrible, these researchers did give the mice anesthetic ketamine, and for that, I am thankful

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