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Parksinson’s Mobility, Balance and Cognition Improvements with Brain Photobiomodulation

Quick Dose Info

Wavelength (nm):
810 nm
Joules (J):
240 J Head, 15 J Nose, 39.6 J Abdomen, 39.6 J Neck


Below is a summary of this article:
Study Summary
  • Vielight Gamma 4 LEDs, 240 joules, four transcranial targets
  • Vielight Gamma 1 LED, 15 joules, one intranasal target
  • Irradia MID 2.5 4 Laser Diodes, 39.6 joules, or MIDCARE laser, 2 diodes, 39.6 joules, C1/C2 neck region and abdomen


Group 1 Schedule:

  • Weeks 1-4: 3x/week
  • Weeks 5-8: 2x/week
  • Weeks 9-12: 1x/week
  • Weeks 13-40: 3x/week

Group 2 Schedule:

  • Weeks 13-25: 3x/week

Groups were tested before and after PBM treatment on measures:

  • Functional Mobility task of Time Up and Go (TUG): Stand, walk 3 m, turn, return, sit down
  • Gait TUG Motor: First task plus carrying water
  • Gait TUG Cognitive: First task plus counting backwards in twos
  • Gait TUG 10 Meter Walk: Time to walk 14 meters after having already walked 2 meters
  • Gait TUG 10 Meter Stride: Number of strides to walk last 6 m of task above
  • Dynamic Balance Step Test: Number of times patient used a step for balance
  • Cognition Montreal Cognitive Assessment: Standardized cognition test
  • Fine Motor Skills Spiral Test: Drawing within the lines
  • Fine Motor Skills Nine Hole Peg: Put pegs in holes, return pegs to bin
  • Fine Motor Skills Micrographia: Handwriting area taken per word
  • Static Balance Tandem Stance: Duration of standing with one foot ahead of the other
  • Static Balance Single Leg Stance: Duration of standing with one foot in the air


Participants in both groups saw significant improvement in functional mobility, dynamic balance, and cognition. Results were good but not significant for fine motor skills and static balance.

Wavelength (nm)
810 nm
Joules (J)
240 J Head, 15 J Nose, 39.6 J Abdomen, 39.6 J Neck
Body Target
Condition Treated
1x, 2x or 3x per week for 12 weeks or 40 weeks
EMF Type
Infrared 700-1400 nm
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