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One 630 nm Treatment Reduces Muscle Soreness and Reduces Recovery Weakness

Quick Dose Info

Wavelength (nm):
630 nm
Joules (J):


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Study Summary
Apply one 630 nm LED photon therapy treatment to post-exercise subject biceps to reduce muscle soreness and increase recovery strength as much as 96 hours after exercise.
Wavelength (nm)
630 nm
Joules (J)
Body Target
Condition Treated
Muscle Soreness
Treatment Time (seconds)
Irradiance/Power Density (mW/cm^2)
1 treatment
Treatment Points
EMF Type
Red 630-700 nm
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Researchers gave 17 male subjects 630 nm (red) LED photon therapy after muscle-damaging eccentric exercise. If a bicep curl is positive movement, the uncurl is the negative or eccentric movement. The subjects had not done eccentric exercise as a focus of their workouts prior to this study.
Eight subjects got therapy and 9 were in the placebo group. All subjects did 30 eccentric contractions using their non-dominant arm.
Researchers tested isometric muscle strength, muscle soreness, elbow range of motion prior to exercise and at 24, 47, 72 and 96 hours after exercise.
The light therapy group getting 630 nm photons had significantly less muscle soreness even 96 hours after muscle damage occurred. They lost less muscle strength during recovery. They got these results with just one LED 630 nm treatment.