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Light Therapy Treatments

We take the protocols from successful light therapy studies and show you how to copy those treatments with your home blue, green, orange, infrared, or red light therapy device.


Does Light Therapy Really Work for Acne?

When I see a young person burdened with acne, I just want to pull out a therapy light to help ...
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UVB, blue, red and infrared light help with psoriasis

Does At Home Light Therapy Work for Psoriasis?

A friend asked me if red light therapy could help heal the uncomfortable psoriasis on his neck. Red is just ...
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Four Extremely Successful Acne LED Light Therapy Treatments

Four Extremely Successful Acne LED Light Therapy Treatments

I have documented eleven LED light studies that achieved significant acne lesion reduction. These protocols reduced acne, inflammation, scarring, and ...
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Use red light therapy for osteoarthritis knee regeneration and pain

What Can You Do for Severe Osteoarthritis of the Knee?

Just when I was finally gaining muscle and losing weight, my right knee went into a total meltdown. While my ...
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Covid patient using nasal red light therapy

Does Red Light Therapy Work for Allergies?

I seem to have a constant itch in my nose. Maybe it's poor diet, maybe it is aging, but my ...
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Four lights that reverse photodamage

Read This Before Using Red Light Therapy for Photodamage

Considering how much I loved the beach as a kid, I'm surprised that I don't have more pigment issues and ...
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How much red light energy does it take to flush fat?

How Much Red Light Energy Does it Take to Flush Fat?

"You can't spot reduce!" said every fitness expert ever. This rules changes with red light therapy. Using red light with ...
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Green light therapy increases leptin satiety hormone

How to Control Your Appetite with Red Light

Did you know that you are not supposed to be hungry all the time? Alternatively, that eating is supposed to ...
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Knee injection

Four Arthritis Knee Pain Alternatives to Cortizone Shots

My knee collapsed under the weight of arthritis and "synovial bodies" when I was 50. My orthopedist did not want ...
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Woman holding red light

Red Light Therapy Treatment Time Calculator

Enter Power Density and Joules to Get Your Treatment Time in Seconds If you know what you're doing, here's the ...
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The Theradome hair growth device

Use Red Light Therapy to Grow Back Your Hair

I never realized that there is something worse than having a "bad hair day." How about having a "no hair ...
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Light and Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures

Light and Laser Therapy: CLINICAL PROCEDURES, by Curtis Turchin, MA, DC (book review)

Scientific verification of light therapy dosing is still years away. That's why it's so helpful when clinicians document the doses ...
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