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How to Get a 36″ Red Light Therapy Panel for Way Less Money

Do you want a light with more therapeutic wavelengths, more therapeutic and experimental pulsing frequencies, and more control over treatment options for 25% less than the name brand? I’m about to save you a lot of money on your next red light therapy panel.

There’s nothing to recommend the name brand that intelligent competitors can’t beat with their eyes closed. I’d much rather see you in a Multiwave, Multi Frequency LightpathLED large panel than with the name brand’s cagey equivalent. After the coupon I give you, you’ll save a total of 25.8% and get a future proof red light therapy kit.

While I am in the habit of speaking my mind, I’m not in the mood to defend myself for my written opinions published on the internet. I have the right to an opinion, and argumentative people have the right to take offense at my opinion. Arrogance and lawsuits go hand  in hand.  This is why I’m not naming the expensive panel company. If you have been shopping for a red light therapy device then you have definitely seen their advertisements.

Red Light Therapy Comparison: Voldemort vs LightPathLED 36 inch Panels

Let’s call the Panel That Shall Not Be Named “Voldemort.” Let’s call  LightpathLED’s product the  Multiwave, Multi Frequency Large red light therapy panel.

Let’s compare them, feature for feature, cost for cost, and benefit for benefit.

TABLE: Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Multiwave Multi Frequency Large Red Light Therapy Panel


LightpathLED Multiwave Pulsed Large


660 nm Red, 850 nm NIR all or nothing

620 Red, 660 Red, 810 NIR, 850 NIR, 930 NIR all at once, or Only Red or Only NIR

Pulsing Frequencies


Non-Pulsing or any pulse from 1 Hz to 9,999 Hz

Door Mount




36 x 8.75 x 2.34 inches

38 x 12 x 3 inches







EMFChannel Coupon


Take off 5%

# LEDs




2 Years

3 Years


2 Months, however, you have to have NOT USED THE DEVICE: "All kits and configurations must be returned in full with original packaging for all devices and components. Must be in like-new condition. Returns without all the original packaging and components will be subject to refusal and returned to the sender."

Plus, the fine print only has a 30 day policy, so if you go by the marketing, you will be outside the return period: "Returns must be postmarked before the end of the 30-day return period, which commences upon receipt of the product. Returns shipped after 30 days will not be accepted."

2  Months

Return Expenses

15% if customer refuses acceptance from carrier;
an undisclosed restocking fee if receiving deems your return quality inadequate; plus shipping fees.

Customer pays shipping


> 100 mW/cm^2 at Undisclosed Inches (making this a meaningless number)

> 100 mW/cm^2 at 6 inches

Lens Angle

Not Disclosed

30 Degrees

Unwanted EMFs

Not Disclosed

0 ut. at 6 inches

Unit Price



Door Mount











(25.8% less than Voldemort

What’s So Special About Red Light Therapy Endorsements?

Famous athletes charge huge fees to use their names and testimonials. These stars and athletes don’t have to like the product they endorse. The laws of truth in advertising do not apply to celebrity endorsements.

The Product that Shall Not Be Named spends a lot of your hard-earned dollars on endorsements and advertisements.

LightPathLED spends its income on research and development.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Components

The Voldemort and LightpathLED panels are 3 ft. tall, give or take an inch.

The V. has 150 light bulbs, and the LightpathLED has 255 light bulbs.

The V. doesn’t state the beam angle of its lights. The LightpathLED uses 30 degree beam angle light bulbs, which focus light on the target with good precision.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Irradiance

The V. states it outputs greater than 100 mW/cm^2 irradiance, but it doesn’t say at what distance. Since irradiance is distance-dependent, they offer up a meaningless number.

The LightpathLED outputs greater than 100 mW/cm^2 at 6 inches.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Wavelengths

The V. outputs red and infrared. You cannot run red without infrared, and vice versa.

The LightpathLED outputs three red and two infrared wavelengths. You can run red or infrared independently of the other. Infrared can be paradoxical so turning it off to test if red will work alone is a great feature in the LightpathLED.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Pulsing

Research is building around pulsing the light to create exonentially greater effects. The most research in pulsing is on brain therapy on dementia and Parkinson’s. Pulsed therapy produces better dementia and Parkinson’s symptom improvement than non pulsed (continuous wave).

The V. doesn’t pulse.

The LightpathLED pulses at the well-tested 10 Hz and 40 Hz frequencies.

LightpathLED also pulses at any frequency from 1 to 9,999 Hz. This means the LightpathLED is future proofed, it is anticipating the science coming online that will show us which frequencies we should pulse to get better results.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Unwanted EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are not inherently good or bad. Red light is itself an  EMF that we know is therapeutic. The sun’s rays are EMFs.

The unwanted EMFs in a red light therapy panel come from the magnetic current created by the electrical throughput.  These are possibly dangerous. Out of an abundance of caution, it’s best not to constantly expose yourself to them.

The V. material does not state the unwanted EMFs of the V product. LightpathLED is zero EMF at the prescribed 6 inche distance. In other words, there is no EMF issue with the LightpathLED red light therapy panel.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Costs

The V. sells for $1505 including the door mount.

The LightpathLED includes the door mount, and sells for $1115.30 using the EMFCHANNEL coupon code at checkout. This is a savings of 25.8% over the V price.

Voldemort vs. LightpathLED Return Policies and Fees

The V. marketing states you have 60 days to return the panel if you don’t want it.

The V. fine print says you have 30 days.

If you refuse receipt of your V they charge a 15% fee.

The marketing does not say there are fees associated with returns. The fine print says that the returned panel has to be in the original packaging or you will be subject to an unstated fee. It just says there’s a fee. It doesn’t say how much that fee is.

Let me say that again. They do NOT tell you the fee for sending back a panel if they decide your packaging is missing a twist tie. 

If you send it back in the 30 day return window (that they claim is 60 days on the marketing pages, you must send it back unused or you pay a fee they make up on the spot.  If you send it back during the return period or warranty period, you pay shipping as well as these fees.

If you send back the LightpathLED during the return period or warranty period, you pay shipping. That’s it. No fees.

How to Buy the Best Multi Frequency Three Foot Red Light Therapy Panel

First of all, remember to use the coupon code EMFCHANNEL for a discount when checkiing out.

Go to my site Best Red Light Therapy to view the LightpathLED, check out its specs and features

Click the butotn to view and LightpathLED superior red light therapy panel.