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Hair Regrowth and Lichen Planopilaris Symptom Reduction

Quick Dose Info

Wavelength (nm):
650 nm
660 nm
Joules (J):
4 J/cm^2


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Study Summary

Researchers treated patients to low level light therapy (LLLT) using red light with a  630 nm wavelength.

All treated patients had lichen planopilaris.

Symptoms included redness (erythema), corkscrew hairs indicating too much keratin production (perifollicular hyperkeratosis), and hair loss.

After 3 and 6 months, the patients had more and thicker hair.

After 3 months, the erythema and perifollicular hyperkeratosis settled down, but after 6 months it had returned.


Wavelength (nm)
650 nm
660 nm
Joules (J)
4 J/cm^2
Body Target
Condition Treated
Hair Growth
Treatment Time (seconds)
900 s
Irradiance/Power Density (mW/cm^2)
daily for 6 mos.
Treatment Points
EMF Type
Red 630-700 nm
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