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Combining 590 nm Light with Minoxidil to Increase Hair Growth

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Wavelength (nm):
590 nm
Joules (J):


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Study Summary

Researchers tested low level light therapy to see if it would reduce scalp inflammation that interferes with hair re-growth. They tested the L’Oréal LLLT/GentleWaves® device’s effect on hair growth. 64 men with androgenetic alopecia received 590 nm for 70 seconds (pulsed) 1x/day for 3 days. Their scalps were DNA squenced. Then they tested the device as well as Minoxidil on 135 men and women with alopecia. The 590 nm treatment correlated with downregulation of sclap inflammatory biomarkers in half the treated subjects. The second study showed increase Minoxidil hair growth. Those receiving 2% Minoxidil responded as if they had received 5% Minoxidil.

Wavelength (nm)
590 nm
Joules (J)
Body Target
Condition Treated
Hair Growth
EMF Type
  • Yellow 560-590 nm
  • Orange 590-630 nm
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