Best Red Light Comparisons

The best red light therapy device for you might be different for someone else. Not only are the wavelengths and power different, the whole design of the device can be very different too. Below, learn about each type of light therapy device, then click the picture to go to the best light therapy devices in that category.

Light Therapy Device Type Comparison

Best hand held red light therapy
Best handheld panel light therapy devices
Best Bulb Light Therapy
Best Pad Light Therapy
Best panel Light Therapy

Device Type

Treatment Size

Focused light about 3 in. to 5 in. diameter

Average is 5 x 3 inches
Less focused than handheld, reaches about about 5 in. diameter

Elbow, ankle, knee, shoulder

Up to 3/4 body


No Unwanted EMFs

If battery-operated or transformer is at a distance

If battery-operated or transformer is at a distance 

Easy to Pack

Use Anywhere on the Body

Except upper back can be hard to reach

It's not easy to find a good adjustable lamp strong enough for therapy bubls

Hands Free

If used with lamp

Portable while Using

If using battery rather than cord

If using battery rather than cord

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Parksinson's/Dementia/Brain Injury Lights, Dome Anti-Aging Lights, and Specialized Psoriasis and Acne Lights