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An Endurance Enthusiast Discovers Red Light Therapy

Bradley Carden is about to compete in his first full Ironman competition.

Carden is an entrepreneur, a science enthusiast, and an endurance athlete.

The competition is demanding, both physically and mentally.

About 2 years ago, Carden discovered the benefits of red light therapy.

He heard about red light’s health benefits, but he was not sure he believed the claims.

Carden gave the idea some investigation.

He read the scientific studies and college textbooks about light’s effects on the body.

He tried the therapy himself.

He found that this “simple technology” could help him with his endurance sports.

His muscles performed better and recovered faster with red light therapy.

Red light helped Carden recover faster from demanding endurance sessions.

Sun Kissed Solbasium is Born

Treating an elbow with the Solbasium Bright Light
Treating an elbow with the Solbasium Bright Light

Carden was impressed with the therapy’s anti-aging effects.

He was thrilled at the improvements he gained in his sports.

More than anything, Carden felt satisfaction at helping people to feel better.

“Light can power our cells,” Carden explains. “Hundreds of scientific papers from around the world confirm this.”

Carden created Solbasium, a red light device company focused on customer service, wellness, and affordability.

Carden after an endurance event.
Carden after an endurance event.

The name Solbasium means “kissed by the sun,” or “sun kissed,” Carden says.

Carden and Solbasium ventured into percussion therapy as well as red light therapy, but decided to keep the Solbasium name.

“Originally we were set to specialize only in light therapy,” he says. They kept the name after branching into percussion therapy.

“Solbasium is a phrase that holds true to our uniqueness. It resonates the quality and luxury of our brand.”

Creating a Quality Light Therapy Enterprise

The Optix 180 is Solbasium's full body red light therapy device.
The Optix 180 is Solbasium’s full body red light therapy device.

“We are one of the three FDA registered companies in the red light therapy space,” Carden says.

In the western market, only Solbasium, Platinum LED, and Joovv register their devices with the FDA.

“We take ourselves very seriously in the industry.”

Solbasium’s red light products are Class II FDA devices.

This means that the FDA agrees that the products are what Solbasium says they are.

This might seem obvious in some fields, but it is not in the world of light therapy.

Too many manufacturers sell extremely overpriced light devices.

“People are being ripped off,” Carden says. Some companies claim FDA registration, but have not registered their products with the FDA.

Finding a Manufacturer

Carden travelled to China to inspect his manufacturer's factory and processes.
Carden travelled to China to inspect his manufacturer’s factory and processes.

Carden looked for a manufacturer to build Solbasium lights.

“Many manufacturers did not meet my production, process, or quality standards,” Carden says.

“They didn’t have sound manufacturing protocols.”

When Carden finally found a manufacturer, he flew to China to tour the facilities.

“Nearly everything today is made in China. It allows us to provide a superior product at a good price.”

Today, that manufacturer makes Solbasium red light therapy devices to Carden’s high standards.

“I want to shake up this industry,” Carden says, “while providing the best possible customer experience.”

Solbasium is acquiring a technology that Carden says will bring down the price of the red light therapy devices Solbasium sells.

Helping His First Customer

The Solbasium Travel Light fits easily in the hand.
The Solbasium Travel Light fits easily in the hand.

Based out of Australia and America, Solbasium now sells red light devices around the world.

Solbasium’s first customer was a Canadian man burdened with the symptoms of Lyme disease.

This customer knew about red light therapy, and he needed help getting a device to his specifications.

Carden guided the customer, and educated him about red light therapy options.

“My greatest satisfaction in this business is seeing my products help people. We are in the business of helping people, and that is why I am so passionate about the subject.”

We’re Not Doctors

Place the Solbasium Optix 60 on a desktop.
Place the Solbasium Optix 60 on a desktop.

Carden’s thrilled that his Lyme disease customer got relief, but he is cautious to remind his customers that he is not a doctor.

Carden says that he educates customers about light, power, strength and wavelengths. He helps them find the right product.

Carden always encourages customers to work with their medical providers about using these devices.

He is worried that too many red light manufacturers are promising more than they can deliver. He says these manufacturers are giving advice that they are not qualified to give.

“I always always always tell our clients that I am not, nor is anyone at my company, a doctor. I always tell them to consult with their doctor first.”

Carden encourages potential red light therapy users to research the science as well.

He is worried that consumers are getting bad information from untrustworthy sources.

He does not have much patience, he says, for extremely high prices, false advertising, or baseless bragging.

“I won’t stand for that, and allow people to fall victim to these types of people.”

Confronting Baseless Claims

Carden fights for the customer, even when a customer buys from another company.

After taking apart one competitor’s light, he found that it contained none of the “special” technology described on the box.

Carden asked the sales person to explain the discrepancy. The sales person could not defend the deception.

“In my eyes, it was a complete fabrication.”

That same company lied about its FDA status.

“This is one of the companies that falsely claims they are registered with the FDA,” says Carden.

How to Choose a Red Light Device

The Solbasium Bright
The Solbasium Bright

To get a good device, Carden advises, “the customer is going to have to do some leg work.”

He advises checking if the manufacturer is FDA-registered:

Look up any manufacturer in the FDA here:

Ask the sales person if the company overseas its own manufacturing.

Many red light vendors do not oversee their own manufacturing.

If you are on Facebook, join a “red light therapy” or “photobiomodulation” group.

Affiliates (sales people) will offer their products in group conversations.

“Ask affiliates how their device is superior. See if they can answer.”

“Many cannot do that, because they use empty words like ‘best’ and ‘powerful,'” he says.

Carden says that Solbasium is focused on genuinely wanting to help people.

This naturally leads to a core directive of being honest and open with customers.

“We are constantly taking the customer’s experience into consideration,” he says.

“That has a big impact on how we run the business.”

About Solbasium Red Light Devices

Using the Solbasium Travel
Using the Solbasium Travel

Solbasium sells customized red light therapy devices.

The Solbasium website explains: “Yes, 660 nm and 850 nm have shown the most benefits in clinical trials but guess what? There are other wavelengths that have shown promise and that’s why we give you the choice of adding 5 additional wavelengths to be built into your product.”

Solbasium launched in March of 2020.

“We live and breathe health and wellness,” the Solbasium website says. “We have made it a mission to bring breakthrough technology to the masses!”

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